Well thought out spaces, designed for learning, play, rest and relaxation.

Our layout allows us to place children in rooms based on the stage of their development, not just their age. This means we can respond to your child’s needs by ensuring they are placed in an environment that gives them the best space to shine. 

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Our youngest room is for crawlers and early walkers, just starting their journey at Play 2 Learn. Your child will begin to interact with the world around them and develop their communication skills.


As your child becomes more confident in their walking and engaged in their learning journey, they move into Butterflies. Here we build on their language, emotional skills and mobility.




In preparation for pre-school, your child takes the next step into their learning life. They will explore and discover with greater confidence, and form stronger relationships with others.



In our Dragonfly and Firefly rooms, your child gets ready for the move to big school. They build on all their earlier learning towards a full and well-rounded curriculum. The learning environment, which includes a pre-school uniform, ensures they become confident to make their next big step into the world.