New music wall

We have created a magical music wall in our main garden. Our music wall consists of everyday objects such as pots and pans. This allows the children to explore how sounds can be changed using different items. Our music wall provides a sensory experience that exemplifies how creative expression can come alive in different ways.

Firebrigade visit


The local fire service paid us a little visit and taught us all about fire safety. The children learned all about a firefighter’s job and were able to sit inside a fire engine. They even had the opportunity to see the flashing blue lights in action!

The session was followed up with a discussion about other people who help in society. It was great to see the children engaged in this activity and come up with examples such as doctors, teachers and police officers.

New website and blog

New website.png

Welcome to our new and improved website.

We hope you enjoy browsing the upgraded site and find the information contained within these pages useful.

As part of the upgrade process, we've had to say goodbye to our old blog posts (which spanned as far back as 2008!) as these could not be transferred to the new site. 

Please, however, check back often as we will regularly update our blog to provide you with lots of insights into life at Play 2 Learn.