Living Eggs

We teamed up with Living Eggs for their two-week comprehensive chick-hatching programme!

The children have been looking after the chicks, watching them grow and develop over the 2-week period. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the experience. In fact, children, parents, and the nursery team have all fallen in love with the fluffy little bundles and cannot stop talking about them either at home or at the nursery!

The chicks have spent time in all our nursery rooms so even our youngest children have enjoyed interacting with them.

Children have learned:

  • To show care towards living animals e.g. being gentle when handling the chicks

  • Responsibility e.g. remembering to feed the chicks

  • How living organisms develop e.g. changes in size and features; growing feathers

  • Hygiene - why we need to wash our hands

  • To explore and understand different textures e.g. soft feathers and hard beaks

We are also proud to report that the programme has helped to encourage speech for children who do not readily talk whilst encouraging those that do to extend and connect sentences when communicating their experiences.