Summer updates

Willows activity farm.png

Willows Activity Farm

We all enjoyed our nursery trip to Willow's Activity Farm in May. The children loved learning about and interacting with the animals.  They enjoyed their tractor ride around the farm and had a really good time learning songs and dancing with Peter Rabbit. 


World Cup

The children enjoyed learning about the different countries participating in the 2018 Fifa World Cup. They made all sorts of football related props, experienced football lessons from a specialist instructor and got to taste foods from around the world from our special World Cup menu. 

Parent week.png

Parents' Week 

We would like to thank all the parents who participated in parents' week. We hope you found your visits insightful and informative. 

Parents' week is an important part of our nursery calendar. It gives you an opportunity to talk to the staff, learn more about nursery life and gain a deeper insight into your child's progress. 

Parent information board.jpg

Parents' Information Board

Our new parents' information board is located opposite the lift by the nursery entrance. We will regularly update it with important information. We hope you like the new display. 

Staff training.png

Safeguarding training

As part of our commitment to learn, develop and grow as a team, we recently undertook safeguarding training to refresh our knowledge and skills. The training evening included talks given by our deputy managers as well as group exercises, discussions and a final quiz to test our knowledge. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our policies and procedures. 


Dentist visit

The Dragonflies were given a talk about the importance of brushing and looking after their teeth by one of Play 2 Learn's directors, who happens to be a Dentist herself! 

The children were given an opportunity to practice their brushing techniques on a model set of teeth. They thoroughly enjoyed this session and it led to lots of discussions about their own visits to the dentist.