Learn about our Healthy Helpers club…

Healthy helpers is one of the many extra-curricular clubs we provide at Play 2 Learn to enhance your child’s learning experience.

To promote healthy eating and healthy choices, the children prepare a lunch, dessert or tea in our nursery kitchen.

Children learn:

  • how to prepare dishes that promote healthy eating

  • the differences between healthy and unhealthy food

  • how to manage risks and hazards in the kitchen

  • the importance of teamwork and taking turns

We help the children meet the learning objectives of this club by:

  • taking the children in small groups to the kitchen so we can closely supervise them

  • encouraging the children to ask questions and participate in cooking and cleaning up

  • teaching children about managing risks - children use kitchen equipment and put food into the oven etc

  • encouraging children to enjoy the food they prepare and share it with their fellow healthy helpers!