Gruffalo fun in Caterpillars

The children and staff have been focusing on one of their favourite books, The Gruffalo - the classic story by Julia Donaldson. The Gruffalo tells the tale of a mouse taking a walk through the woods where he meets a fox, an owl, a snake and finally the Gruffalo.

The Caterpillar children thoroughly enjoyed Gruffalo story time, complete with puppets and visual aids. Tuff trays were filled with lots of natural and sensory objects to re-create the woods. We even made a Gruffalo cave for the children to explore!

Gruffalo 1.JPG
Gruffalo 3.JPG
Gruffalo 2.JPG
Gruffalo 4.JPG

Summer fun

Recently, the children have been talking a great deal about their sunny holidays and playing on the beach. The Dragonfly preschool decided to combine some topics of their conversation and filled a suitcase with sand, shells, spades and lots of other exciting items!

This created some conversations about suitcases, travel and fun beach days. The children also discussed what creatures could live in shells.

Here at Play 2 Learn, we love creating new activities to engage children through their own interests.


It's good to be curious...

We have introduced the ‘Curiosity Approach’ to learning at Play 2 Learn. Our pre-school children have been busy exploring our curiosity cases, which are filled with objects to create a sense of awe and wonder.

This approach is designed to encourage children to build their enquiring minds through exploring everyday items as well as resources they wouldn't usually come into contact with.

The old-fashioned whisk and measuring tapes created some very interesting conversations amongst the children. "We can use this spinny thing for painting", said Sophie. "I think we can do some measuring with this thing because it’s long and has numbers", said Louis.

This type of play feeds their imagination helping them to think creatively and laterally.


Summer Fete

Our 2019 Summer Fete was a huge success! It was a fun-filled day with lots of exciting activities.

Peppa Pig visit

The children were treated to a very special visit from Peppa Pig! The children were thrilled to take photos with Peppa and give her lots of high-fives and cuddles!

Fire Engine visit

Our local Fire Fighters made a special visit to come and join our Fete! There was great excitement and the children had the opportunity to try on the equipment and have a look inside the fire engine!

Elite Twirlers performance

We had an incredible performance by the Elite Twirlers. The dance troupe, which featured our very own Phoebe, kept everyone entertained with their impressive skills and talent.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Summer Fete !


Graduation 2019

We said farewell to our pre-schoolers as they embark on their new adventure to Big School! It was a very special moment for us all with lots of emotions, as we shared fond memories of the children’s time at nursery.

We were extremely fortunate to have the Local Mayor of Thurrock join us for this wonderful occasion, who helped hand each graduate their leaving gift and scroll. 

We are so proud of the children’s achievements and will miss them dearly!